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How to buy an event ticket on this month/ last minute in Tokyo?

Tickets on this month or last minutes tickets could be hard to find as you may not be sure how you get them, but the clock is ticking... Here you can find some tips for what you can book for the last minute events.

1. Plan from what you can purchase

If you plan on the last minutes to buy event tickets, you may want to know what options will be more likely to be available. Here are some tips for each genre.

1. Soccer: usually soccer tickets are available and not going to be sold out except Kawasaki Frontale( due to the size of the stadium) or super popular cards(e.g. Andres Iniesta playing). Soccer match are usually held on weekend, and day time except summer - start from the evening. You can check what's still available from our soccer section.
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2. Kabuki: Kabuki tickets can be spotted for some weekdays especially for rather high-price seat types. Their performance is usually held for several weeks at the same venue, so you can find a day that is not fully booked (but most not likely on weekends). You can go to Kabuki section of our list to see what's still available.
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3. Music festivals: Usually bigger size of music festivals are available till last minute - when the venue is in outside location they do not have small capacities. However, if the events are for multiple days, tent tickets and parking tickets might be sold out.
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4. Fight: Big events can be sold out, but even the quite decent name of the card is mostly operated by the indie size. You will have pretty much of selections.
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5. Sumo: It seems like quite impossible to get last minute tickets for Sumo but still there are some options - if you are lucky they have Japan tour around Tokyo(called Jungyo) or you can watch sumo wrestler practice instead, which is available quite often and also accept last minutes booking.
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6. Baseball: also baseball tickets are hard to get especially for last-minute purchase but some of the weekday games could be available. Yakult Swallows can be most available (especially for weekdays). If you are not too particular with the team, university baseball tickets might be available sometimes, which surely is cheaper and more available.
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2. Check schedule and go to the venue directly

if you find some tickets from our list above, that means tickets are still available and not sold out as of updated date. Usually in that case, the event organiser will prepare for a box office so that you can directly show up and purchase at the venue. Usually they do not accept credit card, so make sure to bring enough cash!

3. Try some tourist attractions too

You can also try some tourist attractions which also are good options. Below are the examples of some of the most popular destinations.