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How to buy an event ticket on the next month or in the following months in Tokyo?

Event tickets in Tokyo are usually available around a month before the event but the onsale date is depending on each genre. Here you can find tips on how you can buy tickets for several months earlier.

1. Buy when general onsale starts - a month before the event

Usually general onsale would start a month before the event in Japan. If that event has a multiple performance date, usually they release all the tickets on the first date of their performance.
Concert tour or theatre play: Ticket onsale will be scheduled a month before the first date of their whole performance.
Sport events with a regular season(e.g. baseball and soccer): each month will have general onsale for the next month.
Another note is that music festival would start ticket onsale way earlier.This is just a guideline and the actual date are depending on each event, so make sure to check official events website for a specific date.

2. Utilize Tokyo Event Ticket for ticket onsale information

Tokyo Event Ticket are listing available live-event tickets divided by each genre(i.e. concert, k-pop, music festival, baseball soccer, martial arts, sumo, kabuki, noh and kyogen), and also by each month (this month and next month). you can have an idea of what events are available. You do not need to go to each event organiser's website!

3. Purchase tickets earlier than general onsale

There are 2 ways to purchase tickets earlier than general onsale. As you may probably know, generally music festivals are an exception that they usually offer early-bird system (i.e. tickets are open for general public at early stage and if you buy at early stage, tickets will be cheaper!)

1. Buy tickets at official pre-sale(or lottery):
Usually for popular events, they have exclusive period for their regular fans, called fan club members. They pay annual fee in advance (i.e. around 5000 JPY anually - some will have a monthly plan) and get earlier access of pre-sale. When the events are very popular, they will arrange a lottery process (i.e. you apply for a ticket and only selective numbers of applicants can win tickets). Unfortunately, this process is often held only in Japanese.

2. Presale(first come first serve) from a ticketing company:
After their original fan club pre-sale period, they usually will have a first come first serve base pre-sale period led by Japanese ticketing companies. This period exists because of the competition of each local ticketing company - so it is hard to guess which companies will have this period. Usually, they will charge more commission(around 500-1000 JPY per ticket excluding ticket printing fee, shipping fee and payment gateway fee) from a ticket buyer this time, in exchange of offering an lower commission to the event organizer,

4. Ask for tour package tickets

Tour package tickets will offer you earliest access to tickets although it does not apply for all the event tickets. The price of tickets are usually a bit more (sometimes a lot more) expensive but often times you can secure seats earlier (with guide sometimes) and some of them will accept cancellation (usually Japanese event organizers do not accept ticket cancellation) - please read thir terms and condition of the each offered ticket. You can see the example of the tour package tickets below.

Sumo package tickets

Baseball package tickets

Kabuki package tickets

Tourist attraction package tickets