Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchase Service


- Your payment

Per ticket /per person:

1) Face value of tickets

2) Service fee 2000 JPY ( 8% of face value in case the face value exceeds 30000 JPY/ticket )

3) Ticket acquisition fees (charged when we need an extra cost e.g. a processing fee of a primary ticketing system, printing fee etc.)

Per order:

1) Transaction fee 4.1% (credit card payment gateway fee)

2) Shipping fee (only when an actual shipping is needed)

- Cancellation:

No cancellation allowed once the payment is complete.

- Event Cancellation:

When the event is cancelled, we will help you get a refund from an event organizer. No extra fee will be charged from us but our fees are non refundable.

- Resale Service:

In case your schedule changes, you can ask us to resell your tickets. If successfully done, we will refund your money after deducting our service charge 1500 JPY per ticket and actual costs.


1. Definition of services:

TET will work on purchasing tickets on behalf of you upon request, and the services provided by TET shall be:

- Look for tickets upon requests through our website(https://www.tokyoevent.org)

- Purchase tickets on behalf of you that are already paid by you.

- Send purchased tickets to your preferred locations.

* Hereinafter collectively called "the Services".

TET will also work on the followng tasks after your tickets are purchased on behalf of you upon request.

- Help through the refund process upon your request.

- Offer a resale service.

* Hereinafter collectively called "the After Services".

TET will not be responsible other than the services and the after services described above. TET will also not be responsible for failing to provide the services caused by user's own reasoning such as failing to pick up your tickets that are delivered in time, or failing to provide the essential information (e.g. your email, name, phone number, shipping address etc.) that are requested from TET. In that case, no refund shall be made.

TET shall acquire the good seats available, but the choice of the seats are solely on TET's discretion and no cancellation/ changes are not allowed once secured.

The completion of the services shall be the time when your tickets are sent to you from TET.

2. Ticket Ownership:

Upon request, you agree to name TET as your representative to purchase your tickets. The tickets obtained by TET are your possession and TET will have no rights to use/ resell tickets without your permission. Even if you permit TET to access your tickets in any ways (e.g. discard, use or resell etc.), the tickets will still be your possession and TET shall still act as your representative. You shall agree with all the terms and conditions set by primary sellers and event organizers. It is your responsibilities to comply with all the regulations as a ticket owner. TET will not bear any damage of receiving false information from you. In such cases, no refund shall be made.

If tickets are not delivered by the event day, and that is caused by your reasoning (e.g. you decide not to go to the event, failed to pick up tickets, asked TET to resell tickets etc.) and the event is held on that day as scheduled, you agree the tickets to be discarded by TET on the next day of the event date. TET will have an authority to access your tickets only for the purpose of discarding, and will not be authorized for any other purposes.

3. The fees:

TET will charge non-refundable fees as below.

- Service fee: 2000 JPY per ticket *If a single ticket allows the admission of multiple people, the service fee will be charged per person.

(8% of face value when the ticket face value exceeds 30000 JPY per ticket)

Service fee is to provide the services desribed above.

-Ticket acquisition fees(charged when TET requires an extra fee):

The fee is intended for covering costs (e.g. a buyer charge of a primary ticketing company, ticket printing cost, any other costs that are needed to obtain tickets).

The charge of the fee is solely on TET's descretion and it may be different from the actual costs.

-Transaction fee 4.1% (to cover payment gateway fees & payment forms)

-Shipping fee (Local 500 JPY, International 2500 JPY) in case of any phisical shipping.

All fees above are local consumption tax inclusive (if any).

TET shall specify the total price and total fee before your payment. In case the extra fee ("the Additional Fee") is needed after your payment, TET shall explain the Additional Fee in a timely manner. The Additional Fee shall be mutually agreed and paid by you with extra 4.1% of transaction fee. Before such a mutual agreement, TET will not proceed to secure tickets. If TET did not mention the Additional Fee even though there was an extra fee, such fees will be on TET's cost.

TET shall charge all the fees and ticket price in JPY. The currency exchange rate and possilble commission to it are purely on you or on your credit card company. TET shall not be responsible for any currency exchange rate.

4. Cancellation policy:

No cancellation allowed for the services. The above fees in clause 3 along with face value of tickets are non refundable.

5. Postponements:

If an event is postponed, you may use the tickets on the rescheduled date. TET does not provide refunds for postponed or rescheduled events. In case you cannot attend the event on the rescheduled date, TET can resell tickets for you.

6. Failing to obtain tickets:

TET will refund 100% of money (i.e. face value of tickets and the fees described in clause 3) when TET fails to obtain tickets after receiving your money. TET shall notify you promptly and process a refund within 20 days after the notification. This does not apply once your tickets are already purchased by TET.

7. Event Cancellation:

If the event is canceled and the event organizers offer buyers a refund, TET will take care of your refund process upon requests, under the conditions that TET holds your tickets. If you hold tickets by yourself, you shall contact TET to request a shipping address and send the tickets at your own cost. TET will not be responsible for failing to receive tickets or receiving tickets after the refund accepting period is over - in that case, no refund shall be made.

The money refunded to you will be the face value of the tickets minus actual fees that are charged for the refund process, if any. TET will not charge an extra fee for the refund process. However, our fees described in clause 3 will not be refundable except the shipping fee only when unused.

The refund shall be made to the credit card you used to purchase tickets through TET. TET shall process the payment within 30 days, after TET receives money from an event organizer or a primary ticket seller.

8. Your Personal Information:

You agree that TET will use your personal information submitted by you only for the purpose of providing the services and the after services described in clause 1.

9. Ticket Shipping:

TET will provide you three general options for ticket shipping. You shall expect a slight delay that is caused by delivery companies.

1) Local address shipping(500 JPY): We can ship to local addresses (hotel, your apartment or your friend's home) at your preferred date. We do not accept Airbnb locations - any damages, delay, failing to receive tickets by shipping to an Airbnb location is solely your responsibility.

2) Local post office(500JPY): TET will send tickets to your preferred post office. You are able to pick up anytime once it's shipped. Once ready, you will get a voucher from TET and you can pick up your tickets by showing the voucher with your passport at the post office.

3) International Shipping(2500JPY): TET will ship to your preferred international location for an extra 2500 JPY per shipment. This option is available only if the event date is more than a month ahead.

TET may offer the other delivery methods such as e-tickets, for both party's convenience. In that case, the fee shall be charged as actual costs.

10. Resale Service:

Upon requests, TET will resell tickets on behalf of you under the conditions that TET holds your tickets. If you hold tickets by yourself, you shall contact TET to request a shipping address and send tickets at your own cost. A resale price range will be suggested from TET before reselling tickets and it shall be under the face value. TET will do its best to resell tickets reasonably. The way to resell tickets is solely TET's discretion. TET will comply with any local regulations and if the resale does not comply with the local regulations, TET will amend the policy at solely on TET's discretion or may reject reselling tickets.

Your money will be refunded after deductions of our resale service fees(1500 JPY per ticket incl. consumption tax) and actual costs (secondary platform fee, shipping cost etc.). The payment shall be made to the credit card which was used to purchase tickets through TET. TET shall process the payment within 30 days, after TET receives the payment of resold tickets.

11. Violating the Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchase Service

TET may investigate any potential or suspected violations of our Terms and conditions, Additional Policies, security protocols or best practices, third-party rights or applicable law; any actions or any other misconduct or potential abuse on or through the Services or attempts. When assessing whether and which measure(s) to take against you, TET will take the legitimate interests of you into account, and shall in particular consider if you are responsible for the misconduct.

TET may take any actions TET deems appropriate in our reasonable discretion for the conduct described in the clause above. Without limiting other remedies, these actions may include: limit, or temporarily or permanently suspend, or terminate our services, restrict or prohibit access to, and your activities on, our Site and/or Services, cancel order, require you to send Tickets to TET within a specified time, delay or remove hosted content, remove any special status associated with you, withhold refund, charge the Payment Method on file for amounts you owe or costs TET incurs due to your misconduct (including, without limitation, any costs associated with investigations or charge-backs and any replacement costs), and take technical and legal steps to keep you from using our Site and/or Services.

12. Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree that you are making use of the site and on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. TET makes no warranty with respect to the services, site, any tickets, any event, or any content. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and except as specifically provided in this infringement. Terms and conditions, TET disclaims all warranties, express, or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement.