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(NJPW/ SHiN nihon Pro Wrestling)

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

(NJPW/ Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling)

Event Details & tickets:

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2022/7/23 (Sat) and 2022/7/24 (Sun)

Ota Ward General Gymnasium (Tokyo)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Ota Ward



2022/7/26 (Tue) / 2022/7/27 (Wed)

Korakuen Hall (Tokyo)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Korakuen



2022/8/13 (Sat)

Machida City Gymnasium (Tokyo)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Machida



2022/8/16 (Tue) -2022/8/18 (Thu)

Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Nippon Budokan



2022/9/2 (Friday)

Yokohama Budokan (Kanagawa Prefecture)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Yokohama



Price Image:

*subject to change by each event/ venue

Tokyo Dome:

Royal Seat 30,500yen

Arena A 20,500yen

Arena B 13,500yen

1F Stand 9,500yen

Balcony Stand 11,500yen

2F Stand 6,500yen

Wheelchair Seat (1F Stand) 9,500yen

Korakuen Hall:

-Reserved seat A 8,500yen

-Reserved seat B 6,500yen

General information:
New Japan pro wrestling (NJPW) is an English name for Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Co., Ltd., a Japanese professional wrestling organization. In 1971, Antonio Inoki was banished from Japan Wrestling and was established in 1972. In addition to Antonio Inoki, he started with other players such as Kotetsu Yamamoto, Tatsumi Fujinami, and Karl Gottch. While playing many matches, they will continue to grow as a major organization in the Japanese professional wrestling industry. In the 1980s, the Tiger Mask (first generation) debuted in collaboration with the TV anime "Tiger Mask Nisei". In addition, a number of great games have been created, such as the match between Hulk Hogan and Antonio Inoki. In the 1990s, popular wrestlers such as Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono, Thunder Liger of the Beast God, and Shinya Hashimoto played an active role, and held an exciting bout at large venues such as Tokyo Dome. In the 2000s, many players left the organization, but many wrestlers such as Hiroshi Tanahashi played an active role in returning, and the popularity of female fans is increasing. Since 2007, the WRESTLE KINGDOM (Wrestle Kingdom), which is the largest show in the Japanese professional wrestling world, has been held at Tokyo Dome every January 4th. A lot of famous players participate and entertain many fans. New Japan Pro-Wrestling's unique video distribution service "NJPW WORLD" broadcasts the game worldwide, and the game is being televised in the United States, Taiwan, and Thailand. Players are lined with popular wrestlers who represent the world of professional wrestling at that time, and as of 2019, popular players such as Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito are still leading the new Japan pro wrestling. Above all, Tetsuya Naito has made a big break in the modern professional wrestling world, and the world of professional wrestling now has the appearance of Tetsuya Naito's era. The professional wrestling unit he belongs to, "LOS INGOBERNABLES de JAPON" (Los Ingo Bernabres de Japon), has been highly praised by fans, and not only Naito but also other members have been very popular. Many other events and talented athletes have also created excitement.On January 4th and 5th, 2020, the 14th year of the "WRESTLE KING DOM" will be held at the Tokyo Dome as well as the New Year's. The event "New Japan Pro Wrestling NEW YEAR DASH!!", which will be the trigger, will also be held on January 6th at the Ota Ward Gymnasium. We are planning big events one after another, including an event called "New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW PRESENTS CMLL FANTASTICA MANIA", which will be held all over the country. As a prestigious professional wrestling organization that leads the domestic and overseas professional wrestling scenes, it is in the spotlight.
Frequently Asked Questions About New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) Tickets How much are New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets?New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) ticket prices on primary ticket can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets can be found for as low as 8500 JPY. How to get cheap New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets?If you’re looking for cheap New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets, tickets can be found for as low as 8500 JPY. Additionally, transaction cost, printing cost and shipping cost may be charged separately so you may want to consider those fee to calculate New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) cheap tickets available. Where do the New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) play?The New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) home games are played at various locations, but many times they play in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. Does my child need a ticket for New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) games?NJPW has their own child ticket policy. The New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) ticket policy states all children before entering elementary school are free except you want to have an additional seat for a child in the venue. How to buy New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets in Japan.Tokyo event ticket is one of the easiest way to browse, find, and buy New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets. 1. Browse the above listings of New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets to find a game you would like to attend. Once you find the perfect date and time, click on the book tickets button.2. To buy New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets, fill in the form and ask for an availability. If we found New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets still available, we will come back to you very shortly, then you can proceed to the checkout process.3. Tokyo event ticket will process your order and deliver your New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW) tickets.

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